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Misa Chien is a vulnerable leader who is known for inspiring others, and helps people feel less alone and more connected through positivity and transparency.  She is known for speaking publicly and on social media about her experience as both a model and entrepreneur, addressing subjects such as imposter syndrome, mental health, and embracing failure.

Misa's History

At UCLA, Misa caught her big break and signed with LA Models as one of their top models and became the face of top brands in the world, from Target to L'Oreal to Cadillac.


Post-college, she knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and founded the Vietnamese Banh Mi Truck, Nom Nom Truck out of college. Many know her for embarrassing herself in front of 40 million viewers, competing on the Food Network’s Season 1 of the Great Food Truck Race.  


During that time, Misa scaled Nom Nom Truck to a 7-figure business and a 30-person team bootstrapped purely from her savings from modeling on the side. 


Since that time, a lot has changed.  Being a serial entrepreneur and tired of embarrassing herself on national television, Misa transitioned full time into tech, building a new company - - that is disrupting the customer experience space, and surveying millions of customers to date.  Next year, Misa plans on raising money for Autopilot Reviews, in an environment where fewer than 2.8% of VC funded companies have a female CEO, and even fewer have an AAPI Female CEO.  


On the personal side, Misa is in the process of raising 2 energetic little humans and is now one of the only Asian American models in the United States representing AAPI women over 35, for brands from IBM to Mazda to Neutrogena.


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Misa Chien, asian model and founder of Nom Nom Truck

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