Misa Chien

Misa Chien
Model & Entrepreneur Based in Los Angeles

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After founding several seven figure companies over the last 10+ years, I know what it takes to build a company from the ground up. Need consulting on your business and how to focus more on marketing? I am here to help. I love working with other entrepreneurs through their toughest challenges.



After graduating from UCLA (go Bruins!), I decided to start a food truck known as Nom Nom Truck. With this business, I dove head first into running a business 24/7, everywhere from surviving a reality TV show, to serving a hungry line of 500+ customers within only 2 hours. When running this business I learned one thing-- although entrepreneurship might look easy from the outside, from the inside it can be a tough road.  In the end, I had to close Nom Nom Truck. Over the last 4 years, I chose to focus my time in the software space, working on a survey software, Praiseworthy. Although software and food trucks may seem different, in the end I saw an important overarching theme between the two businesses-- marketing. Marketing is the only way you can ensure your business continues to survive and grow for the years to come.  Taking the experience and tactics I have gained over the last 10 years, I can help you bring the marketing and branding for your business to the next level, and make sure your company will thrive for many more years to come.



I hired Misa to help grow my site’s traffic and her advice was invaluable. Not only did she share her knowledge, but she was willing to show me examples and make sure I understood how to implement a new strategy. Her years of entrepreneurial experience comes out in her data-driven tactics, but she does it with a humility and honesty that is refreshing. You can trust Misa because she’s a business owner herself and she’s been exactly where you’re struggling now.
Misa is someone I’ve known and respected since we met in the dorms at UCLA. She’s an incredible, inspiring, unstoppable entrepreneur. She knows how to create compelling brand stories and get the press that her ventures deserve. She’s one of the few peers I go to when I want to talk about real shit — her instincts are keen, and she’s always given me a valuable perspective.
Misa is one of the most amazing people I know. She is very knowledgeable in branding and marketing, with the passion to constantly learn about the latest trends within the ever changing landscape of marketing, branding and social media. These skills have propelled her to have a very successful modeling career, appearances in the media and running a multiple software compaies. When she helped consult with me for my business. I was in a very dire situation of losing a big client and scrambling to get my revenue back up to stay afloat. She was great at listening to all of my needs and pain points, and after digesting the information and current situation, she helped me talk out that ideas that could get me back on track into getting more clients. She created a document with a clear action plan with easy steps to implement it.

Her positive attitude and ability to clarify my vision enabled me to pull my business from shutting down, to survival, and now thriving. I cannot recommend Misa enough in helping you maximize efficiency in your business, while also growing it through branding and marketing.