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Misa Chien is an authentic leader who is known for inspiring others, and helps people feel less alone and more connected through positivity and transparency. 


Misa's exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial style have propelled her into high demand as a speaker, podcast host, television personality, and has even earned her the distinction of being ranked as the 23rd most viewed woman on LinkedIn worldwide and #1 most viewed AAPI woman nationwide. 


Misa’s engaging and charismatic communication style stems from her experience through multiple forms of communication through being on TV (The Food Network's Great Food Truck Race viewed by 60M+ viewers), speaking at renowned institutions (Harvard Business School), and gracing the runway for brands such as Neutrogena and Target.   


Being a serial entrepreneur and tired of embarrassing herself on national television, Misa is now focused on software, building a new company - - that works to help business owners improve their customer service and employee training.  Next year Autopilot Reviews is set to reach 7 figures in annual revenue, a milestone that less than 2% of female entrepreneurs are able to achieve.     


Misa has spoken at industry leading events including CCW (Customer Contact Week) and TEDx, and she has been a guest on leading podcasts such as Entrepreneur on Fire.


What Happened to Nom Nom Truck?

Misa Chien, asian model and founder of Nom Nom Truck

Nom Nom Truck.

3 Ways Nom Nom Truck Failed as a Business

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