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About Misa

Asian model Misa Chien is among top 30 young enterprenurs according to Inc.
Abou Misa Chien, an asian model nd founder of Nom Nom Truck

While attending UCLA, Misa caught her big break and signed with LA Models as one of their top models, becoming the Asian face for companies from Target to L’Oreal. During this time, Misa knew she wanted to take her career a step beyond modeling, and founded a Vietnamese Food Truck, Nom Nom Truck, right out of college.

​Over 4 years, Nom Nom Truck was featured everywhere from The NY Times to Sunset Magazine, and was even featured on the Food Network, for the reality TV show The Great Food Truck Race. Despite this success, Misa had to close Nom Nom Truck in 2013, due to issues with her business partner, and took a break from the food scene. During this time, she moved to San Francisco, and focused on learning about online marketing—everywhere from SEO (search engine optimization) to content marketing – and even founded a startup in the process.

 In 2019, Misa began to focus on public speaking while attending Harvard Business School, discussing vulnerable topics everywhere from embracing failure to imposter syndrome, as well as the entrepreneurial lessons she has learned along the way.  If you would like to book Misa to speak at your event, you can contact her here.

TV personality and an asian moel Mia chien is among top voics according to LinkedIn
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