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Executive Coaching



  • Harvard Business School Personal Leadership Development Degree

  • 3X Entrepreneur for 18+ years

Things I can advise on:

  • Building confidence and charisma to set out for your career goals

  • Navigating your past trauma and failures that are holding you back from achieving those goals

  • Networking and relationship building

  • How to build yourself into an Authentic Leader with an Authentic Personal Brand


Personal Branding on LinkedIn


  • Get 16M views to my content per month

  • #1 most viewed Asian American Woman on LinkedIn in the US​

  • Built two 7-figure business with my person brand

Things I can advise on:


  • Brand strategy and positioning 

  • What content works best on LinkedIn

  • Writing viral hooks/headlines

  • My writing tools and workflow (with Chat GPT)

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for conversion (followers, email list building, sales)

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